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Our Learning Disabilities Alerting Service

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The latest alerts are available below. 


Assistive Technology

Autism in Adults

Capacity, consent and the Mental Capacity Act

Cerebral Palsy in Adults

Challenging Behaviour

Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Communication and Learning Disabilities

Community Groups for People with Leanring Difficulties

Continuing Care in Learning Disability

Dementia and Learning Disability

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Dysphagia and Learning Disability

Electronic and Social Media

Electronic Patient Records

Epilepsy and Learning Disability

Family Therapy and Learning Disability or ASD

Healthy Lifestyles

Independence / skills and meaningful occupation for learning disaabled people 

Intensive Interaction

LD Nursing issues and education

Learning Disability - services and policy

Legislation relating to Learning Disability

Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga for people with Learning Disability or ASD

Mental Health and Learning Disability

Modern Matron 

Moving and Handling

Muscular Dystrophies

Narrative Therapy and Learning Disability

Occupational Therapy for Learning Disabilities

Offending behaviour and Learning Disability

Parents with a Learning Disability

Personality Disorders and Learning Disability

Physical Intervention

Physiotherapy with learning disabled people


Positive Behavioural Support

Postural care

Primary Care and Health Screening

Respiratory and Cardiac issues for people with Learning Difficulties


Self injurious behaviour and Learnng Disability

Sensory Integration

Sexuality and learning disabled people

Staff Support - critical incidents and stress

Systemic and Family Therapy