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Library Locations

Where can I find the HHLS libraries?
Our addresses and contact details can be found here.

How do I find the Library at Winchester now that it has moved?

The Winchester (RHCH) Library has now moved from the Education Centre to the Martial Rose Library on the University of Winchester Campus.

Please follow the directions below or refer to the map (click here).

From the Education Centre:
Turn left down the hill and turn right to the Give Way sign at Burma Road

From the main Hospital:
Follow the path down past the multi-storey car park, all the way down to Burma Road


With steps:

  1. Cross straight over the Burma Road crossroads, and you will find a sign post directing you to the Martial Rose Library
  2. Follow the steps downwards and, turning right, you will find a gold coloured building (The Anchorage) in front of you
  3. You are able to turn left or right to get around this building
  4. The Martial Rose Library is straight ahead of you

Avoiding steps:

  1. Turn left and walk along Burma Road
  2. You may either turn at the first left, down the steep slope, or walk along the road and double back on yourself in front of the University reception and cafe
  3. Walk between the bollards, aiming right, past the garden borders and Student Services
  4. The Martial Rose Library is opposite the chapel.

It may help to view the following map:

Inside the Martial Rose Library
Please wear a mask and abide by the University COVID-19 rules. 
The Healthcare Library is on the same level as the main entrance - walk towards the back and aim to the left where you will find our office, our books, and some computers/study spaces.